IRC: #bitember @
posted 02/02/2015 05:54:38

Turns out we were on the wrong fork. It has since then been fixed

Problem found
posted 01/30/2015 17:04:58

Problem has been found and pool will soon run smoothly again. ETA is around 5 hours.

Bitember News #2
posted 08/04/2014 11:11:08

Social Media Reminder
posted 05/05/2014 05:39:19

You can always find us on facebook, twitter and google+!

Facebook link twitter link g+

2fa disabled for now
posted 03/19/2014 18:14:03

2FA disabled on all pools until e-mail issue has been resolved.


Client updated!
posted 03/18/2014 03:33:14

And done. Bitember is now running v0.4.5.2-ga-beta version of fluttercoin client.

Updating wallet
posted 03/18/2014 03:32:57

We are updating the client at bitember. Some short downtime expected.

Pausing payouts
posted 03/17/2014 15:45:42

We are pausing payouts for a moment.

Meanwhile, don't forget to keep your wallet updated before processing any transaction.

Please upvote!
posted 03/15/2014 10:26:33

Vote for bitember!